Hexbound: A Witchy Supplement for 5e

Created by Hit Point Press and Antonio Demico

Bewitch both Players and GMs alike with this brand new supplement!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

PART 1 of March Update - Questions about the Campaign!
13 days ago – Sun, Mar 19, 2023 at 11:04:18 AM

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January Update! OGL update (all good!), update on minis, printing, cards, and fulfillment in general!
2 months ago – Sun, Jan 29, 2023 at 04:03:37 PM

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone had a nice long break with any December holidays, and that you’re all enjoying a fresh new start with 2023. We have been busy as always with emails flying back and forth between us and the manufacturers to consolidate all of that witchy goodness into one cauldron. And we’re almost there! We have a ton to discuss so let's get to it:

OGL update

So, as many of you are likely already aware, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have caused quite a stir in the last few weeks with the OGL situation. I have been following it alongside many of the 3rd party publishers, and creators, as well as the community at large, both by private channel as we learned of updates to it before the rest of the public, and publicly when several of those rumors turned out to be false while others were confirmed true.

To get the important stuff out of the way regarding this project: Regardless of the final word on the OGL, Hexbound is confirmed to be unaffected by it. We wanted to make absolutely sure that this was the case before speaking publicly about it, as it's very important for me to make sure that the information I update you with is correct. I apologize for the silence on that front, but I did not want to say anything until things were official, since the situation was evolving and changing very quickly. I'm very happy to hear the very recent news that OGL 1.0a has been firmly upheld, and look forward to seeing all of the 3rd party creativity that will come out of it. It's important, however, to note that this is not yet a legal document, but a promise to make good on those fronts. Regardless of what the final word is on this whole situation, however, I'll be very clear in saying that Hexbound is unaffected by it because we published our PDF well before due date, and of course well before any mention of changes to the OGL were on the horizon.

Okay, that was the not so fun part of the update, but a very important part! With that out of the way and all OGL-related fears put to rest, let's get into goodies!

The Minis are in my hand!

 I have received the PU samples from the manufacturers, and they look awesome! There was a bit of feedback that I’ve already sent over to them, so we’re just waiting on updates for that.  Let me show you some pictures! As a reminder: these are pictures I took myself in my own house! These are not pictures taken at the facility that is manufacturing, but the testing samples they've sent to me for approval. We're ever closer to finalizing minis!

As another reminder from previous updates: Minis are the most costly and longest to produce physical reward from Hexbound, and we're well on track! These are samples, however, so keep in mind that some changes might come from them to the final final product. I'll of course update you with any changes, do not fret!


I'm very happy to say that the final tweaks on the print-version of the Hexbound book have been finished, and it is in the hands of the printing facility. We've caught some final errata (2 in fact) in this v.2 that have been corrected before being sent off to print. These have been corrected and we'll be releasing a V.2.1 pdf with these two corrected during February just so you have it to (we're very serious about errata!). This version will be with the single pages for tablet users as well as the double spreads, for ease of use in both mobile devices and desktop computers. We are currently in talks with our layout designer and the printing facility about how to make the cover the best it can possibly with spot glossing etc. I don't wanna give too much away, but we'll have more specifics hopefully next month on that front. Just know that we're working on it!

Cards! (Both Animated and Reference)

As per our previous update, all animations for the spell cards are done and the text is all ready to go! Now that our printing file is ready, our layout artist is ready to finalize the design for these and then they'll be off to print very, very soon!

And just to recap: The dice are completely finalized and awaiting to be shipped and so are the Hexbound pins! Hopefully the rest of the physical goodies will join them soon and be sent off!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

Again, I do want to say thanks so much for your patience. It has been a hard adventure fielding curveballs from the OGL situation. If you have been following it, you'd know how quickly the situation changed and how much conflicting information was given by all sorts of sources throughout, so I wanted to make sure that when speaking about Hexbound we had a clear view as to how exactly this would affect us, and you cannot imagine how happy I am to say that the answer to that is: not at all! Of course, I support all third party content, being a third party content creator myself, so the recent news are very encouraging and I'm very happy to see it! I would also be remiss if I didn't thank you, as you are part of the community that made their voice heard and stood by third party products, so thank you! I'll be back next month with more updates for you as we near the finish line for all the different goodies! Until then, see you soon!



November Update! V.2 IS HERE! & Physical Goods update: Mini Samples done and Printing!
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 04:43:12 AM

Hello everyone!

Happy November! If you celebrate thanksgiving, I hope you had a fun one! There's a whole bunch to talk about during this update so let's do away with preambles and get right into it!

V.2 is HERE!

Yes! V.2 of Hexbound is done and sent to all backers!

Sorry for the wait for v.2 everyone, but I'm so happy to say that you should have already received your email/will be receiving your email very very soon with v.2! V.2 Includes all the changes from error hunters,  grammar corrections, updates on layout, changes big and small to text, rebalancing of stat blocks, updates to wording throughout the book, expansions on content warnings for adventures, and more! There are many changes, but they are all quite small (a lot of layout changes to prepare the book for print, for example).

Remember, we do the distribution of v.2 just like we did for v.1: through backerkit! Therefore, in order to receive it, you should have completed your backerkit survey. If you have received v.1, no sweat, v.2 is coming to you.

If you completed the survey, received v.1 through email, and haven't received v.2, don't worry just yet.  Backerkit can be a bit slow to get emails to everyone, sometimes it can take up to a day! Some people on the Hexbound discord said that they didn't receive the email immediately, but they logged into backerkit, went to check their digital downloads, and V.1 was there waiting for them, so you can try that too. Otherwise, wait for a minute and it should be making its way to you in no time!

With regards to Spreads vs Single Pages, don't worry, the single page version is coming very very soon. I just had spreads made and ready to go before hand, so mobile users won't have to wait for long. Be on the lookout for that single pages email coming!

Physical Good Updates

I have so many updates regarding physical goods: Here's a recap of the previous ones

  • Dice are DONE
  • Pins are DONE
  • Animations are DONE

And now let's get into the new ones!

Mini samples are done!

Here are the samples of the Hexbound minis! As you know, minis are the thing that takes the longest to make, and we're almost done with them!

Samples will be approved, and then the actual production is a much quicker process. We expect to be done with minis early next year (the estimated date for the end of production of minis is end of february), this should be similar to physical books (i'll talk about them in a second!), so it should all coalesce quite nicely! Here is an extended look at final Hexbound minis ready to be mass produced

These are not 3D renders! These are the actual sculpts!!! This is what will be sent your way if you bought the minis!

Now that V.2 is done, Physical Books can go to print!

If you remember from our previous updates, we were waiting for V.2 to be done and over in order for us to start printing! Well, v.2 being done, we can start doing that now! I'll have a more detailed outlook on printing soon, but it will not be nearly as long as minis (not even a fraction), so we can start on that final step! Ditto with cards, which we were also waiting on the very final text to start production.

And that's all we have for now! I'll be sure to update you during December of any new developments!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

That concludes our November update! I'm so glad to finally have v.2 out and for things to be so close to done! As always, thank you for your patience as we work on all the different moving parts, it's nice to see them finally come into their final form! See you soon with more!



October Update! V.2 and Physical Goodies update!
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 26, 2022 at 10:24:51 AM

Hello everybody!

Hope spooky month is treating you all great! September had no new developments, but now I come with TONS of news regarding Hexbound v.2 and more! Let's get right into it!

Pins are done!

Pins are finalized and ready to ship! If you remember our last update, we went through some revisions for them because we wanted them to come out just perfect. We're super happy with the results that we have for them, and they are now joining the club with all the other goodies that are ready to go!

Animations are done!

If you remember last time, we were having some issues regarding the animated spells, and those issues are done! We now have all animated spells ready to go for their cards!

Here's one!

The animation for Demetria's Floating Palaquin

Dice are Done!

This is not news, since they have been done for a minute, but just so everyone knows where we are with everything, Dice are also done and ready to ship!

Still hard at work on minis!

Minis are still in production. This isn't news since minis are the thing that takes the most time to fully complete, but just letting you know that is still happening and we're hard at work on them!

Hexbound V.2 update!

We're still working on Hexbound v.2! Long story short, we are upgrading all images on Hexbound so they look as crisp and neat as possible when printed, which has set us back a bit. We're still hard at work on it and we're pretty confident we will have v.2 ready for you to go through soon, I wanna say November! In case it isn't ready for november for whatever reason you'll be the first to know! In the meantime, remember that you can always access v.1 of Hexbound on backerkit! It's available to all backers and contains the same information (and of course the full book) minus the changes done after error hunters. Once V.2 is ready they'll go to print and we'll be one step closer to all physical goods reaching their forever homes!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

And that concludes our October update! Not particularly spooky, but super happy to see the progress! We're closer and closer to the finalization of all of Hexbound's physical goodies, exciting!!! I'll see you all very soon, in the mean time have a spooky (and safe) Halloween if you celebrate it, and if not, have a fantastic October!



August Update! V.2 Update, pin update, a bunch of updates!
7 months ago – Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 05:27:08 PM

Hello everyone!

I write to you a couple of days into september, happy labor day if you celebrate it! It’s been quite a busy month with us updating and tweaking everything, but we are so excited to share what we’ve done with you all. Last month, the update was limited to backers only by mistake! We ourselves cannot change that, only kickstarter itself can, so for those that couldn’t see last month’s update, let’s start with a quick recap of that as well as our August activities!


We released V.1 of Hexbound as soon as it was written, and had our Error Hunters comb through it and report any typos or tweaks. We took that combed version and sent it to our publishers and had some professionals take a look at it. Here are some changes that will be in V.2:

Of course, error hunters corrections

  • Backgrounds are in alphabetical order
  • Spells are in level order and within that level order they are in alphabetical order (so level 1 spells first, and all level 1 spells are in alphabetical order, if that makes sense)
  • Subclasses are in alphabetical order
  • Wording has changed throughout the book to make some concepts clearer (the what is a witch section has the most added wording)
  • Balance changes to monster stat blocks

We got all of those changes made and then our publisher did one final check to make sure everything was optimized for printing. They weren’t super major, but we got those things corrected and sent over to our layout artist to be implemented in V2.0!

  • Language and mechanics were tightened up and clarified in spell descriptions.
  • All of the items have been assigned type, attunement, and rarity.
  • Terminology and wording throughout the supplement have been made to be consistent.
  • Several rounds of sensitivity readings have been completed and suggestions have been implemented.

Physical Goodies Updates (Recap AND updates)!

As for the physical goodies, we have been corresponding with our manufacturers and making sure they have everything they need. We have everything either well under way or totally done, so you can get your hands on these witchy trinkets soon!

  • Dice: Hexbound dice are DONE! They are being very patient little rocks while they wait to be sent out to their rightful owners.
  • Pins: Pins went through a round of color corrections, but are now good to go and are being produced! We have some pics attached below.
  • Minis: Minis are the lengthiest to produce. At the moment our 3D files have been reworked to ensure that they work as minis, manufacturer has been paid, and now they are deep in the production progress!

Animated spell cards: We are still finishing the very last animations! As you all know, Hit Point Press has the production of these cards down to science, so as soon as those animations are done we can jump into the production of the cards and have them ready to go!

If you remember our last update, we talked about some of the color fixes that needed to happen with pins. I'm happy to say that those are done and production has started! Here is a look at the final designs and colors for the pins:

Pin 1 is the final one, Pin 2 is the older version!
The star behind the sword has been changed, no more greenish tint! Also, the sword color has changed to distinguish itself from the smoke!

Hexbound V.2!

In our last update, we talked about V.2 needing some last minute changes for printing, as well as some tweaks to the language of certain spells. We thought that the V.2 pdf would be ready for august, but it's looking like it will take a smidge more time. We really want V.2 to be absolutely perfect as it's the one that is going to print, so we'll be hopefully releasing it in september once those changes are done. We will be updating you if anything else changes. Regardless, as soon as V.2 is done it'll be on backerkit for all to enjoy just like V.1 is now, so not much more waiting for that!

As a reminder, we are waiting on production of all the different moving parts to be done for us to send all the physical goodies as one package, instead of a bunch of different packages, so this will not delay fulfilment of the physical versions of Hexbound at all!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

And that concludes our August update! Sorry to those that couldn't access the july update, it truly was by mistake and by the time we realized it, we could not switch it so that everyone could see it! This recap and new updates will bring everyone up to speed! More to come at the end of september, until then, I wish you the very best!