Hexbound: A Witchy Supplement for 5e

Created by Hit Point Press and Antonio Demico

Bewitch both Players and GMs alike with this brand new supplement!

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August Update! V.2 Update, pin update, a bunch of updates!
26 days ago – Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 05:27:08 PM

Hello everyone!

I write to you a couple of days into september, happy labor day if you celebrate it! It’s been quite a busy month with us updating and tweaking everything, but we are so excited to share what we’ve done with you all. Last month, the update was limited to backers only by mistake! We ourselves cannot change that, only kickstarter itself can, so for those that couldn’t see last month’s update, let’s start with a quick recap of that as well as our August activities!


We released V.1 of Hexbound as soon as it was written, and had our Error Hunters comb through it and report any typos or tweaks. We took that combed version and sent it to our publishers and had some professionals take a look at it. Here are some changes that will be in V.2:

Of course, error hunters corrections

  • Backgrounds are in alphabetical order
  • Spells are in level order and within that level order they are in alphabetical order (so level 1 spells first, and all level 1 spells are in alphabetical order, if that makes sense)
  • Subclasses are in alphabetical order
  • Wording has changed throughout the book to make some concepts clearer (the what is a witch section has the most added wording)
  • Balance changes to monster stat blocks

We got all of those changes made and then our publisher did one final check to make sure everything was optimized for printing. They weren’t super major, but we got those things corrected and sent over to our layout artist to be implemented in V2.0!

  • Language and mechanics were tightened up and clarified in spell descriptions.
  • All of the items have been assigned type, attunement, and rarity.
  • Terminology and wording throughout the supplement have been made to be consistent.
  • Several rounds of sensitivity readings have been completed and suggestions have been implemented.

Physical Goodies Updates (Recap AND updates)!

As for the physical goodies, we have been corresponding with our manufacturers and making sure they have everything they need. We have everything either well under way or totally done, so you can get your hands on these witchy trinkets soon!

  • Dice: Hexbound dice are DONE! They are being very patient little rocks while they wait to be sent out to their rightful owners.
  • Pins: Pins went through a round of color corrections, but are now good to go and are being produced! We have some pics attached below.
  • Minis: Minis are the lengthiest to produce. At the moment our 3D files have been reworked to ensure that they work as minis, manufacturer has been paid, and now they are deep in the production progress!

Animated spell cards: We are still finishing the very last animations! As you all know, Hit Point Press has the production of these cards down to science, so as soon as those animations are done we can jump into the production of the cards and have them ready to go!

If you remember our last update, we talked about some of the color fixes that needed to happen with pins. I'm happy to say that those are done and production has started! Here is a look at the final designs and colors for the pins:

Pin 1 is the final one, Pin 2 is the older version!
The star behind the sword has been changed, no more greenish tint! Also, the sword color has changed to distinguish itself from the smoke!

Hexbound V.2!

In our last update, we talked about V.2 needing some last minute changes for printing, as well as some tweaks to the language of certain spells. We thought that the V.2 pdf would be ready for august, but it's looking like it will take a smidge more time. We really want V.2 to be absolutely perfect as it's the one that is going to print, so we'll be hopefully releasing it in september once those changes are done. We will be updating you if anything else changes. Regardless, as soon as V.2 is done it'll be on backerkit for all to enjoy just like V.1 is now, so not much more waiting for that!

As a reminder, we are waiting on production of all the different moving parts to be done for us to send all the physical goodies as one package, instead of a bunch of different packages, so this will not delay fulfilment of the physical versions of Hexbound at all!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

And that concludes our August update! Sorry to those that couldn't access the july update, it truly was by mistake and by the time we realized it, we could not switch it so that everyone could see it! This recap and new updates will bring everyone up to speed! More to come at the end of september, until then, I wish you the very best!



July Update! V.2 is DONE and update on ALL physical goodies!
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 23, 2022 at 09:41:09 PM

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May Update! V.2 is complete and corrected! On to layout V.2 and then printing!
4 months ago – Sun, Jun 12, 2022 at 05:07:59 AM

Hello everybody!

I hope the month of may treated you well!

We were busy finalizing all of V.2, and now we can say that the text is done! Let's get into it

V.2 is complete! Thank you error hunters!

Thanks to the work of our brave error hunters, the text of V.2 has been corrected! That means that V.2 can now be sent on for layout, and then once layout is done it'll be ready for print!

V.2 is not just some grammar mistakes that we have corrected, we're also changing the order in which stuff is presented in the book, moving sections around, alphabetizing some lists, and generally improving the flow of the book, so layout will take its time, but we aim to finish it as soon as possible and we'll give you monthly updates on the process as always!

I'll also be sharing updates and sneak peeks on the layout of V.2 in the next update (provided we don't have it by then!)

After layout is completed we'll proceed onto printing, which is the final stage. Remember though, we will ship all physical goodies at the same time, so even if printing is done, we must still wait for all the other goodies to be ready!

Error Hunting Goodies

To thank the amazing work of those that participated in Error Hunters, we're hard at work on their rewards! They should be coming very shortly. More info on the next update! You can check the rewards in the error hunting update.

Other Physical Goodies

Just to give you a quick update as to where the other physical goodies are, let's do a lightning round of those!

  • Dice are in production, soon to be finished!
  • All cards animations are almost complete, and then they're off to production!
  • Minis are in production as well! These are the ones that take the most time but we started early, so all is good
  • Physical Book needs to go through layout again (that's V.2), and then it's ready for print!
  • Pins are in production and should be finished very very soon

And that's the lightning round! As always, I'll come back to you with any news on anything we're currently working on if anything changes, but we're full steam ahead!

Arcane Eye App!

As I've said before, the tech for the Arcane Eye App has been ready for a minute! We've done some more testing on apple products since we developed it for Android first, and we were waiting on the corrections on V.2 to add all stat blocks to the app. Now that those are done we can start doing that! We're currently at that stage, and then we need to test the AR tech on the new version of the layout to ensure that all works well with the app. We're also adding a library function so that those that use phones without AR capabilities (or just want to quickly access all stat blocks without needing to find them in the book first) can do so through the library, sweet!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

And that's our May update! As we head into June, we'll keep you informed of all the progress we make as we tackle the different sides of production. I want to say thank you one last time to those that have helped with the error hunters program, and I'll see you very soon for our june update!



April Update! Error Hunters, Physical Goodies, and more!
4 months ago – Wed, May 25, 2022 at 02:41:00 AM

Hello everybody!

Long time no see! We've been hard at work with error hunters and physical goodies, let me tell you all about it!

Error Hunters

Error hunters has been a success! Thank you to everyone that has participated! It was really fun to go through the discord, and participation since Dragon Stew (my last project to use Error Hunters) has increased! Thank you once again to all participants.

Because we got a couple of errors in the last 2 weeks, I'm extending the period two weeks more, until the 8th of may more precisely. This way we ensure that nothing can escape our hunters' eyes! I don't want this extension to delay anything, so we'll start correcting the text from now, and just add anything if something else comes up.

Book Timeline

Let's talk book timeline!

We are starting corrections now, towards the end of April, in less than a month we'll have the errors corrected, the layout changes we want to make, and more, which means we can start working on V.2! Once V.2 is done (with layout changes included), we can send that over for print and then it's just a waiting game! I'll always keep you posted if anything comes up of course, but we are well on track!

Physical Goodies (and the app!)

Physical goodies are also well on their way. Some take more time than others (pins are almost done). We're also working with layout to make sure that our app, the Arcane Eye, works as well as it can (the app is dependent on the layout!), we're also testing it on screens so those that bought a digital edition can also play around with it (although the need for the app while browsing a digital edition is less clear than those using a physical edition). The main development of the app is done (regarding specifically the AR technology we're using), right now we're focusing on testing on new phones and doing some layout changes so that the app has an easier time recognizing each image. We're also working on animated spell cards. Let me show you some! Can you guess which one is which spell?

As soon as we have some physical pictures of the goodies, i'll definitely share them with you! As always and like i've said before, we're waiting on all the physical goodies to be done before sending them, since shipping costs would be so much higher if we sent them separately (image what that would be for those that bought collectors editions!).

- - -

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

- - -

And that's the update for today! There wasn't much to say for this one other than how error hunters turned out, but I wanted to update y'all on everything else too, even if it is to say "we're hard at work on it!". As always, I'll be the first one to let you know if anything changes, and I am happy to say I'll still see you in the error hunters' channel, at least for two weeks!



V.1 OF HEXBOUND IS HERE! Error Hunters Season starts now!
6 months ago – Wed, Mar 30, 2022 at 11:42:25 PM

PS: This update was written before the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened. I wanted to wait a bit before releasing this given the circumstances, but I also felt I owed to all of you who have placed your trust in me to release the PDF at the time it was promised. I hope this release of the V.1 of the Hexbound pdf can bring some comfort to those that need it. Take care. 

Hello everyone!

No time for intros, you've read the title of this update!

Hexbound is HERE!!!!!

That's right, released in February like we said, v.1 of Hexbound is coming to all backers AND backerkit buyers of the Hexbound pdf! You can now log into backerkit and find the pdf up for dowload, enjoy! You have both a spreads (two pages) for those that like to read it on a computer and a singles (single page) for those that would like to have it on their phone or tablet, convenient!

Let's talk a bit about what this means:

As I said, this is V.1 of Hexbound. What this means is that we're releasing this early, after being edited and copy-edited several times, to all backers. Because no matter how much you edit them there's always something to change, something to update, or something to reconsider, we are waiting one month between V.1 and V.2. to look for errors to correct. V.2 will have all the V.1 errors corrected and some changes to layout, and that will be the printed version of Hexbound (of course V.2 will also be available as a pdf!)

So what do you do if you're reading Hexbound and you find an error? Well...

- - -

It's Error Hunters Season!

For those of you who backed Dragon Stew, Error Hunters will sound familiar. Most indie projects backed through platforms like Kickstarter ask their backers to submit errors in their text. I think this is a great idea, but I like to give an extra gift to those that do so, as a thank you for going through the trouble of reporting an error!

That's what Error Hunters is: a way for backers to report an error if they do find a mistake hidden within the text of Hexbound and get a little extra in return. So if you do find a mistake, what do you do?

Well, you go on over to the Hexbound discord, (HERE!), go to the error hunters channel, and make an error submission! If this is indeed an error, you'll be thanked for your dexterous hunting with a gift, but what gift?

Well, I thought long and hard about it! Everyone that has successfully hunted an error will get a special zip file with a bunch of Hexbound HD images that can be used for wallpapers (phone AND desktop), prints, or whatever you wish (except for commercial uses, duh!). You will also get an unreleased pdf with a bunch of never-before-seen sketches and work-in-progress drawings of Hexbound art! If you were ever curious about the process, or just wanted to see some of the work that goes into creating one of the many Hexbound illustrations, I think this is a fun thank you gift! It's a bit of extra work, but I think it's important to thank y'all for going to the trouble of reporting an error! After a month of error hunters, we'll edit V.1 into V.2, send that off to print, and be ready to go!

Important! Please read the pinned post in the error hunters channel and format your error submissions correctly! I'm not a huge team, I gotta go through these individually! Error submissions not properly formatted will not be counted.

All information is available for everyone in the error hunters channel on discord!

Click HERE to go to the error hunters channel on discord!

- - -

 Physical Goods Coming!

They are coming! All manufacturers are in order and currently working on the physical goods of Hexbound. As I said, we're waiting on V.2 for printing, but once everything has been produced we'll be sending everything at once. We won't be sending each separate good on its own, but rather big packages containing everything you ordered at once, so even if the dice are ready, they will only be shipped with the rest. I'll be keeping you updated of any changes, delays, or even pictures of the manufacturing as we go along!

- - -

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!

 - - -

And that's the end of this February update! I could not be happier to finally be releasing this book. I've been working on it for so long and now it's finally out! My own personal work with Hexbound has been done for a while now, and I've been working on many other projects, but it's still just as exciting to finally send the first version of the pdf to backers! I'm very happy we did it on schedule, and I hope you like Hexbound as much as I do! Thank you so much once again for all your support, and I'll see you in the error hunters channel!