Hexbound: A Witchy Supplement for 5e

Created by Hit Point Press and Antonio Demico

Bewitch both Players and GMs alike with this brand new supplement!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

June Update - The Paladin Oath of the Coven is here!
6 months ago – Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 01:36:25 PM

Hello everyone!

We’re now finally starting summer here in the northern hemisphere! I hope that wherever you’re located the weather is nice! I recently moved to the Canary Islands and it sure is nice here! Well, enough talk, let’s get into it!

What we did in May:

If you remember our last update, we’ll be doing monthly updates for Hexbound explaining how everything is going and what we’ve been working on for the month! These updates will come between the 1st and the 15th of that month, like today! With that out of the way, let’s look at what we did in May!

  • We’ve now contacted and started to work on production for all aspects of Hexbound! Minis, pins, cards, everything!
  • All subclasses have been illustrated in full!
  • All subclasses have been written and have gone through their first pass
  • The One Shot adventure: Threads of Fate, is completely written and we’ve started illustrating the adventure!
  • We’ve started working on battlemaps. We have our very first ready to go.
One of the creatures you'll find in the Hexbound adventures! Scary!

- - -

What we will be working on in June:

  • Continue writing adventures, finish the writing of one additional adventure.
  • Continue illustration work for adventures, including monsters
  • Continue working with manufacturers to keep the production process going
  • Start the work for layout
One of the NPCs you'll find in the Hexbound adventures!

I’m very proud of all that we accomplished during May! And also very excited to see how much we can do during June! But we all know the most fun part of these updates, so let’s get to that!

- - -

Playtest Material: Oath of the Coven: Paladin Witch

That’s right, a new subclass coming to the coven! The coven is our version of unearthed arcana, that means it’s playtest material that you can give your feedback on for us to tweak it for the final book!

As a reminder, we always send the subclass with a feedback survey! You can take this survey to give us your feedback on the class. Please! Use the survey to give feedback! that way we have everyone’s opinions in the same place, which is much more helpful for us to actually take feedback into account when revisiting the subclass!

Click HERE to read the Witch Paladin subclass!

Click HERE to access the feedback survey!

But this update is not just about new subclasses…

- - -

The Intoner Bard 2.0 is here!

That’s right! In this update we revisit the intoner after your playtest feedback and change some stuff based on it.

So overall I’m extremely happy with the reception of the Intoner, and with the amount of people that played it in games! I’ve even gotten some messages saying that they are playing an intoner in full campaigns and that makes me so happy.

The most common piece of feedback we got for the intoner was that the auras were too small, so they are now bigger! That means that even with reduced movement your intoner will be able to get people more easily into their auras. Another common piece of feedback was that song of the thieves was not useful because the intoner would have to sing to give other people stealth advantages. I think the point of this song was not very clear: it wasn’t so that the bard and the party could go on stealth missions, it was so the intoner could distract a crowd with their singing so that the party could pass undetected, or steal from the crowd. Because this was a pretty common piece of feedback, we’ve changed songs around, deleted some, and added others. Now, the intoner has several combat-focused songs along with out of combat ones!

The biggest change, however, was to its 14th level ability. A concern was that the intoner would have to go through many uses of bardic inspiration. Not as much as a swords bard, since songs can be continued for several turns, but a way to gain back inspiration was something that could benefit the subclass, so that’s what the 14th level ability is all for! Remember, bards, like warlocks with spell slots, get their bardic inspiration back with short rest (after a certain level), so this 14th level ability means that if the intoner is good about positioning, they won’t run out of inspiration mid battle. There’s a bunch of other changes, but I’ve talked enough! Go take a look at the Intoner 2.0! If you have more feedback, there's a second feedback link right down below! Please use the survey for feedback!

Click HERE to access the Intoner 2.0

Click HERE to give feedback on the Intoner 2.0

- - -

Join our Coven!

So when the Intoner bard released last month, our discord was buzzing with people discussing it! Specially our coven channel! The coven channel is there to discuss the latest releases to the coven, and it was full of a lot of great discussions, people talking about their experiences running the intoner in-game, and more! People also post games they are running for people to sign up to, and more! If that sounds like something you'd like to take part in...

Click HERE to join the Hexbound discord!

- - -

And that's all for June! I really, really love doing these monthly updates. When I'm working I think about ticking stuff out of that list I post for the month, and I'm excited to report back to y'all when I do! I think it's important to maintain communication while working on a big project such as this, so I hope these updates are fun for you too :). See you next month for the new one, and see you on the discord server to talk paladins and bards!


Antonio Demico

The Witch Bard College is here! - Start of Monthly Updates
7 months ago – Mon, May 03, 2021 at 10:36:42 PM

Hello everyone!

I'm extremely happy to write this update today! Backerkit is up and running, i'm settled in a new city, work to start fulfilment on the many different pieces of Hexbound has started, the book is being written and illustrated actively... everything is up and running as it should be! In this update I'll talk about how we're gonna do updates in the future, and I'll be revealing the next class that is available for playtesting in the coven! So let's get right into all that!

Monthly Updates

So how are updates gonna work for Hexbound? It's very simple! Each month, between the 1st and the 15th, an update will be released detailing what was accomplished last month, what we will be working on on the next month, and if there's any content for you guys to playtest.

Of course, our support wizards are still available to answer all of your questions outside of that update schedule. Once again, you can contact them by sending an email here: kickstarter@hitpointpress.com

- - -

 What we did in April:

  • April was a set up month, we talked to the different people that will be charged with making all the different parts of Hexbound: minis, cards, etc. We're still talking with different companies to get all of that ready to go, but very soon all that work will be taken care of
  • In terms of book production, I'm very happy to say that all the subclasses for Hexbound have been written in full, even the ones unlocked through stretchgoals, and most of them have also been fully illustrated by yours truly. That's a whole lot of illustration and writing done, it's a sizeable part of the book!

- - -

What we will be working on in May:

  • We'll continue the work in the fulfillment set up process to get all that squared away.
  • We'll finish the illustrations for subclasses
  • We'll work on the illustrations for NPCs in the adventures
  • Writing on adventures will continue.

- - -

Playtest Material! Bard College of Witchcraft: Intoner

That's right! Remember when we released the witchblade? Well, here's a brand new release for playtesting! This time, it's the bard's turn.

The Intoner : Bard College of Witchcraft

The Bard College of Witchcraft uses a mechanic that is seldom used by anyone but barbarians and paladins: Auras. This bard takes auras from a passive, set-it-and-forget-it ability, to an integral part of the bard's playstyle, shifting the way this bard plays and making positioning an integral part of combat for the bard. It's extremely customisable, with an enormous number of songs your bard can use in and out of combat, and gives inspiration a completely different twist.

This subclass article has entered the coven, which is our version of Unearthed Arcana. This means that along with the subclass there will also be a survey so you can give feedback on the subclass!

Please! Use that survey to give feedback! It helps me out a ton to keep everything in one place instead of having to hunt comments on several platforms. Replying to the survey is the best way to ensure that your feedback is heard.

Another important reminder is that in the Hexbound discord server we have an entire channel dedicated only to talk about articles in the coven. There have been some amazing discussions on how people have used the witchblade in games of their own, and it's really cool to see the community share their experience, feedback, and thoughts on the different articles. If that sounds cool, click here to join our discord!

Without further ado, here are the links!

Click HERE to read the Bard College of Witchcraft!


 Click HERE to fill the feedback survey on the Witch Bard! 

- - -

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!


- - -

And that's all for this monthly update!

I loved doing monthly updates for Dragon Stew, and people seemed to respond very well to the clear schedule for updates and the constant stream of information. It's extremely important for me that everyone feels in the know as to how the project is going, so updates are key in that. I'll talk to you very soon, and I hope you like the bard!


Antonio, @antodemico on twitter

The Backerkit Surveys are HERE!
8 months ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 06:59:58 PM

Hello everyone!

It's so good to talk to you again! We have not stopped working since the end of the Hexbound campaign, even if we did celebrate a little when we reached our very last stretchgoals! Today we take our first step towards fulfilment, and it's an important one so listen up!

Backerkit Surveys are Here!

Please check your inbox, an email from backerkit with a link to your survey should be there!

What is backerkit? Well, backerkit is the service we're using for fulfilment. In there, you will have to confirm your order so we can ship it to you once Hexbound is complete!

It takes an extremely short time to go through your survey, don't worry, you just have to give us your shipping detail if your order needs shipping, and that's it!

But you can do more than that in backerkit! You can add what they call "add-ons". Add-ons are basically additional items like physical books, dice sets, or card decks that maybe you did not pledge for during the Kickstarter Campaign, but you would like to still get! With backerkit, you just add that add-on to your order, pay for it, and that's it! You got your additional item and it will ship with the rest of your order! Easy as that!

Even if you don't do add-ons, and even if your order doesn't require shipping, you need to go through backerkit to validate your order so that we can send the items to you, even the only digital ones! So please, please fill out your backerkit survey as soon as possible, it's super important!

We just sent the surveys, and because of the sheer number of backers, these might take a minute! If you don't see an email in your inbox, don't worry, it's getting there! If in two days the survey has not arrived, contact us! kickstarter@hitpointpress.com

- - -

Preorder Store is Up!

We also have our brand new preorder store! If you were not able to pledge during the campaign, or a friend of yours didn't catch the campaign in time, the preorder store is the place to go! The items in the preorder store are at MSRP (retail price), so slightly higher than in the kickstarter campaign, but it also has flat rate shipping! That means that no matter how many items you order, you will only pay for a flat rate of shipping, which makes it super convenient to order several items in one go! 

Click HERE to check out the Preorder Store!

- - -

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!


 - - -

As I said this is the very first step in our journey to deliver Hexbound to all of you, and I could not be more excited to start this journey with you guys :). Expect to hear more about Hexbound very soon, there might be another subclass coming for playtesting much sooner than you realize... until then, take care!



Stretch Goal Reached! The mysterious stretch goal is...
9 months ago – Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 05:34:44 PM

Hello everyone!

You did it! You reached the mysterious stretch goal in less than one day! I have a hard time believing it, but there it is!

The Mysterious Stretch Goal is....

The Witch Ranger Subclass!

That's right! Seeing soooo many people excited for the ranger and ending up not getting it didn't sit right with me, but I was veeeery much not sure we would hit 350k before the end, so I decided to keep that hidden to not get those people's hopes up. But you did! You did hit the stretch goal! So now the total of witch subclasses included in Hexbound is a frankly unbelievable 11!

Expect a little write up like the other subclasses soon. For now I can tell you that this ranger is all about summoning the spirits of the land, and that depending on where the ranger is the spirit summoned will be different! It also introduces a very interesting summoning mechanic, and gives you a ton of customization options as you go through your levels.

For flavor, think Princess Mononoke meets The Legend of Zelda!

- - -

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As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!


- - -

It's still hard to believe that we've reached our final stretch goal. I can only say thank you for your incredible support. We're an hour away from the end now, so see you on the other side!



Stretch Goal Reached! Two more Subclasses and Secret Goal!
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 11:10:47 PM

Hello everyone!

Well, somehow you did it! We have reached the 300k goal. I literally do not know what to say, so I guess let's get into it!

300K Goal Reached!

So, like the 250k goal, we ran a poll. The difference between the last poll is that this one was absolutely insane! First of all, this one has at the time of closing 3,438 responses. That's DOUBLE what the first one got! Thank you for your participation!

During the last one, the two winning options were winning from the beginning, and it wasn't much of a surprise when the poll ended, but for this one it was very much not that! So, without further ado, who won?

And The Witch Subclasses Are...

(drumroll please)

. . .

. .


Sorcerer and Paladin!

Sorcerer was the front runner from the very beginning, but Ranger and Paladin were neck and neck during the entire poll, but in the end, the paladin won by the smallest margin, leaving the Ranger behind! It was actually very exciting to watch!

So let's see what these two have in store!

Sorcerous Origin - Coven of Spirits:

They say that many things run in one's blood, and certain witches believe that one of these things is witchcraft itself.

Among the most illustrious and storied witch families, a common pattern appears. Individuals are born with an innate connection to the spirits of the witch ancestors in their own family. It's said that this happens because the practice of acquiring a witchmark changes the body of a person, and after repeating these practices through generations, it ends up affecting the newborn in the womb. Such connection cannot be achieved in one, two or ten generations, but after centuries of perpetuating a bloodline with all its participants giving themselves to the practice of the craft.

The individuals gifted with this connection grow up surrounded by the spirits of their ancestors, who watch over them and guide them through their path in life. The weight of their expectations can be soul crushing, but the unrivaled power they offer can also be incredibly useful. Sorcerers of this origin find their ancestors emboldening their magic through their connection, but it's up to them to decide how they'll forge their own path through witchcraft.

This Sorcerous origin is a trip. This sorcerer has basically an entourage of spirits that they can call upon to empower their magic,  but these are spirits of people that have their own plans and that seek to uphold the traditions of a family that is centuries-old! There are plenty of very unique options to play with, for example; one that changes a rarely used spell; "Dream", into a core feature of the class. It also gives both the player that chooses this subclass and the DM endless strings and hooks for roleplay and character motivation. It's one of my favorites!

Sacred Oath - Oath of the Coven:

Nobody is more aware of the incredible power of witchcraft than witches themselves. Witches form covens comprised of many powerful spellcasters and formidable warriors, witches also form covenants between one another that grant them tremendous power. It is no wonder that with magical organizations wielding such might, someone was needed to keep the peace.

Paladins that swear to follow the Oath of the Coven are there to protect witches, most of the time from other witches. Regardless of what a particular coven teaches, at least one Oath of the Coven Paladin is almost mandatory in a coven. They are there to keep the peace, to protect other witches from outside threats, but to also ensure that they do not go mad with power. Many are sent after witches that have broken the law, have killed their masters, of have otherwise endangered the well-being of other witches. Once an Oath of the Coven Paladin is on the hunt, not much can stop them.

These paladin witches use their witchcraft to stop spellcasters in their tracks. They are uniquely suited to combat and take down those that use harmful magic to harm or manipulate others, and their abilities center around the interruption of spells. Many witches are thankful for their presence, and many others resent them and see them as an unnecessary precaution stifling their pursuits in spellcasting, but witches have learned that a steady hand holding an unwavering sword could be the only thing stopping a coven from crumbling under its own weight.

It's an anti-mage! Everyone loves an anti-mage! Except for mages... This subclass takes the concept of "specialization" to a new level, being particularly geared towards dealing with enemies that cast spells, but that's very much not the only thing they can do! The Oath of the Coven is, after all, a witch, and is therefore a fantastic spellcaster with a very interesting spell list that can shine against all kinds of enemies.

And those are our two new subclasses, which brings the number of witch subclasses in Hexbound to 10. 10!! That's so many!

- - -

Secret Stretch Goal!

I honestly did not know if we would be able to reach 300k, but here we are! As a result, I've decided to add one very last stretch goal. I've decided to keep this one hidden since we're so close to the end, but nevertheless I will honor my promise if we reach it!

It's weird to see such a mysterious scroll!

- - -

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- - -

And that's all for today! We have already accomplished so much, and I'm sure that these last hours are gonna be incredibly exciting. I will see you very very soon!