Hexbound: A Witchy Supplement for 5e

Created by Hit Point Press and Antonio Demico

Bewitch both Players and GMs alike with this brand new supplement!

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Unlock! Witch Fighter Subclass - Try the Witchblade NOW!
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 04:33:30 PM

Hello everyone!

Surprised by this announcement? We very recently passed the total amount raised during the entire month-long kickstarter campaign for Dragon Stew in 4 days! I wanted to thank you all so I prepared a little something. Let's get into it!

The Witch Fighter Subclass is here!

I had been working on this subclass for a while, as I loved the idea of a fighter that summoned the spirits of other fighters to learn their techniques. I wanted to bring to the fighter a subclass that allowed for great opportunities for really cool adventures and interactions with NPCs, as well as a whole new layer of customization! That's how the Witchblade was born.

If you've read our preview pages you learn that witchcraft consists of summoning spirits to obtain magical energy. The witchblade does just that, but they specifically summon the spirits of past fighters to their blade to use their techniques! This effectively makes the witchblade sort of like a "mimic fighter", in that they can use techniques of other fighter subclasses!

However, I did not want for this fighter to have access to other fighter's abilities through no effort of their own, and that's where their signature way to be able to summon these spirits comes from! The witchblade can train alongside a fighter with a martial archetype they wish to be able to summon for one week to prove to the spirit of a fighter that they are worthy of using their abilities in combat, OR they may choose to kill that fighter, proving that they were stronger and therefore worthy. This brings not only a sense of accomplishment to learning moves from new subclasses, but also important character-building and roleplay-heavy choices!

This is just the very tip of customization for this fighter, as the witchblade gains the ability to transform their weapon into other weapons in combat, bringing even more versatility to this subclass and also allowing this fighter to use the entirety of the other fighter subclasses!

I know this subclass is very much not traditional, and that's why I think it shows the design spirit of the Hexbound Witch Subclasses! I hope it's exciting to all of you, and I want to thank you once again for your support :)

So, before I send you off with a link, I have to tell you about a specific way that this kind of content will be shared! Whenever something like a subclass is released during the kickstarter campaign, it will come in the form of a google doc that everyone can check out. It will also come with its own survey that you can fill out! This allows every backer to give feedback in real-time about the content of Hexbound, and we can make changes following that feedback if we feel like there's something that we can improve! That means that the content that is released this way for Hexbound will not be final, and is subject to change! Keep that in mind when you go through it.

Check out the Witch Fighter Subclass: The Witchblade!


Click here to access the Feedback Survey!

The Coven Channel on Discord:

Wouldn't it be neat to have a place where the community can talk about the content released in this way? Maybe come up with ideas for the characters that would use this subclass, or discuss neat builds that would work well with a specific absent from Hexbound. Well! Good thing that there's a channel on the Hexbound discord server to do just that! The Coven channel on our server is our little version of Unearthed Arcana, you are welcome to use it to discuss all released Hexbound content any time!

Click here to access the Hexbound discord server!

Projects We Love!

Today in our projects we love section we wanted to highlight Damage Dice! These are dice specifically made to roll for damage in your 5th edition games. There are dice for all kinds of damage, including piercing, slashing, bludgeoning, and even specific dice for magic missile damage, sneak attack, wild magic, you name it! The dice comes in several colors and material, including metal (our personal favorite).  There are also dice specifically made to roll death saving throws, which sounds like it would make those tense moments even more exciting! They have also unlocked other goodies like a rolling tray, t-shirts, and dice bags!

If you want to see for yourself, go ahead and check out their kickstarter campaign!

Click Here to Check out the Damage Dice Campaign

- - -

I feel like I always end these updates with a thank you, but I really want to thank you so I'll keep doing it! I hope you like the witch fighter, and I'll see you very, very soon!


Antonio, @antodemico on twitter.

Unlocked: Hexbound: Coven Collection
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 12:34:26 PM

Hello Everyone!

You don't know for how long I've been planning this announcement, and now that we're hitting the home stretch of this campaign it's FINALLY time to talk about it! Let's get into this Coven Collection!

Hexbound: Coven Collection!

The Coven Collection of Hexbound is a new pledge tier that includes EVERYTHING that has been unlocked for the Hexbound Project AND THEN SOME!

In the Hexbound: Coven Collection, you'll find:

  • A Collector's Edition Hardcover Copy of Hexbound
  • A Normal Edition Hardcover Copy of Hexbound
  • A Dragon Stew Hardcover Copy
  • The Hexbound PDF and Battlemap PDF
  • The Dragon Stew PDF
  • 1 deck of Hexbound Reference Cards
  • 1 deck of Hexbound Animated Spell Cards
  • 1 set of Hexbound Minis + STL files for all 4 minis
  • 2 Kickstarter Exclusive Hexbound Pins: the Hat Pin and the Sword Pin.
  • 1 whole set of artisanal precious gemstone, gold-painted, opalite dice

That's a whole lot of things! And some of those things are exclusive to this tier! Let's get into those!

Hexbound Opalite Dice

We've partnered with the amazing folks at Level Up Dice. They are a dice company that specializes in artisanal gemstone dice. That's right, dice made of real gemstone! I've personally designed the Hexbound dice, and selected the precious stone used for them. The Hexbound dice are hand-painted with gold metallic paint, and they are made of real opalite, a semi-translucent precious stone that reacts to the light in an incredible way.

The different faces of all the opalite hexbound dice

I've seen Level Up Dice's opalite dice (I own one!) and they are absolutely incredible in person. We've been working in the design for a long time, and we have a 3D render to show you! This 3D render shows the design on each facet, but we've also included photos of dice made with the same stone and the same gold paint to show how incredible these look in real life. I cannot stress enough how amazing these look irl, and I hope the pictures show it!

Because these dice are made of real opalite and hand-painted, they retail at 80$ and can be added to your order through add-ons, but they are included in the Hexbound Coven Collection!

Hexbound Large Mini Revealed!

You've seen the sculpts for the Hexbound Minis, but we told you we were working on the last sculpt, which is for a large mini, and it's here! This mini depicts one of the creatures you'll encounter in your Hexbound adventures. It will be larger than normal minis, the perfect centerpiece for an adrenaline-filled combat session, but also makes for a fantastic display piece!

This mini is of course included in the normal Hexbound Mini Set, which is in included in several pledge tiers (The Hexed Minis tier and the Collector's Edition tier), but is ALSO included in the Coven Collection!

Dragon Stew Hard Copy!

For those who don't know, my previous project was Dragon Stew, it's a 5e cooking-themed supplement that offers subclasses, cooking classes, and a whole cooking system that allows you to cook any monster, homebrew or otherwise, to obtain fun bonuses that add a new dimension to the 5e gameplay! It also comes with its own type of adventure: Cooking Trials. They are what happens when Monster Hunter meets The Great British Bake-Off! They are cooking competitions where two teams compete to hunt a monster and cook it to impress a judge and win the contest.

Since the release of Hexbound a lot of people have expressed interest in Dragon Stew, and since the book is finished (and shipped to backers as we speak!) I thought the Coven Collection would be the perfect opportunity to include it! The Coven Collection includes a Hardcover Copy and a PDF of Dragon Stew :)

Pledge Tier Details:

The Coven Collection is a step above the Collector's Edition, including all that the Collector's Edition has and much more. The Coven Collection pledge tier price on Kickstarter is 300$, but the MSRP for all its included items is around 390$! That means that the Coven Collection pledge tier represents 90$ worth of savings!

The price of shipping for the Coven Collection is 20$ in the US, and 40$ elsewhere.

- - -

Projects We Love!

FARSIGHT is a pen & paper role-playing game designed to bring science fiction to your table, allowing you to explore pristine worlds, roam the cosmos, and confront with unknown species, alien civilizations and prodigious technologies. Well, provided you can survive the dangers lurking just beyond the edge of the known!

Produced by Lightfish Games during years of design and playtest, the FARSIGHT game system, evolved from the 5th edition of the most popular rpg of all time, is simple and easy to learn, but capable of giving you all the depth and details that science fiction demands.

Click Here to Check Out Farsight!

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Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email! kickstarter@hitpointpress.com

- - -

Having a set of dice based on my book was a bucket-list item for me, and I'm really happy we're doing that with Hexbound! I really wanted to offer a quality product, and I'm very confident in the work that Level Up Dice produces. I also wanted to offer an option for those that want the entire Hexbound package, and the work we've put into the entire Coven Collection



The 2 Witch Subclasses Have Been Chosen!
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 08:43:25 AM

Hello everyone!

Quick update today to let you know which two classes are getting witch subclasses if we reach 250k! Let's get into it!

And The Witch Subclasses Are...

(drumroll please)

. . .

. . 


Bard and Rogue!

That's right! In 3 days more than one thousand people have spoken, it was a close race between the two winners, leaving the Paladin and the Cleric behind very early on, and snagging those witch subclasses! Let's get into what you can expect from the witch bard and the witch rogue!

Roguish Archetype: Witchcraft - Duskwalker

Many witches go through lengthy rituals to call forth specific spirits through the veil and into our world. Duskwalkers do not have time for such floritures. Their covens focus on speed, aiming to make witch combattants that can adapt to situations as quickly as possible. Their practice allows them to summon the help of spirits almost instantly, but this comes at a cost: A duskwalker’s abilities depend entirely on whether they are bathed in light or in darkness. When standing in a brightly lit room, they can channel spirits that give them formidable defensive abilities and show them truth from lies and fabrication, when standing in darkness they can meld with it, becoming one with the shadows as they wait to strike at the perfect time.

The Duskwalker is a rogue subclass that drastically changes depending if you are standing in darkness or bright light, basically giving you two completely different sets of abilities at your disposal. This makes it extremely versatile, but also demands that the player thinks on their feet and adapts their tactics depending on the battlefield.

Bardic College of Witchcraft: Intoners

Bards of the College of Witchcraft are called Intoners. They specialize in bringing spirits forward through the use of songs. Intoners do not use any musical instruments other than their voices to cast their magic, and as a result must train their vocal chords rigorously for them to withstand the arcane energy required for the summoning of spirits. The training takes years, as mastering any branch of witchcraft often demands of those that wish to harness its power.

They keep the secrets of their arcane songs to themselves. These songs are charged with magical energy and their sounds pierce through the veil between the planes, reaching the astral home of spirits where the living cannot tread. The songs are then used as lures, or invitations, for specific spirits to cross the veil and manifest themselves in a specific location. The Intoner can then dominate the flow of battle, invoking specific spirits to change the tempo of the battlefield to suit their needs.

The Intoner brings new depth to a previously rarely used mechanic: Auras. No longer the exclusive domain of paladins and barbarians, and no longer a passive ability that doesn't ask much of the player to benefit from,  the Intoner's auras completely change the way the bard is played, and its many, MANY options for auras give the bard class as much versatility and customization in its playstyle as the warlock.

- - -

Projects We Love!

Kinder World is a mobile game of houseplants, healing and practicing kindness. ❤️

Take care of your plants and yourself in a relaxing and lush atmosphere of your own design, completing daily acts of self-love that make the world a kinder place.

Players nurture their plants in-game by nurturing themselves in the real world, completing evidence-based wellbeing exercises like stretching, breathing, and expressing gratitude.

Practice showing kindness to others by sharing supportive messages and plant cuttings with other players in Kinder World.  Collective player choices like these, and in-game events will influence the growth of a shared Community Tree over time.

Click Here to Check out Kinder World!

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Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email! kickstarter@hitpointpress.com

- - -

We are SO CLOSE to our 250k stretch goal! Like 12k close! I hope I get to write another update telling you that we unlocked it very soon, for now, thank you for your support once again and make sure you keep an eye out for next monday, very, VERY exciting things coming! Also, to those that wanted the other 2 classes to get a witch subclass, I'll just say.......... all is not lost! See you!



Stretch Goal Reached! Two Witch Subclasses and New Stretch Goal unlocked!
9 months ago – Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 07:49:02 PM

Hello everyone!

We did it! A few days after announcing our latest stretch goal we've reached 250k! We're in the home stretch now, and it's time to announce the next one! Let's get into it :)

300k Stretch Goal!

We've heard all your comments! Subclasses have proven to be extremely popular, and there were plenty of people that wanted those cleric and paladin subclasses to be a reality, so...

We have decided to give them another chance! That's right, after the success of our latest poll, we're doing a new one, and we're adding 2 more potential classes that could get subclasses! The classes up for getting a new witch subclass are:

  • Cleric
  • Paladin
  • Sorcerer
  • Ranger

 You have three days to vote on this poll, at the end of which the two most popular classes will obtain those coveted witch subclasses if we reach our 300k stretch goal!

If we reach this stretch goal, the total amount of witch subclasses in Hexbound is an absolutely incredible 10!

Click Here to Vote on the Subclasses Poll! 

- - -

Projects We Love:

Today we bring to your attention a bafflingly beautiful TTRPG project! Lore of Aetherra is a 5e anthology of science-fantasy adventures, and the art is simply incredible.

They are offering a very cinematic experience, with tailor-made music. If you wanna see what that looks like you should check out their campaign video! It's nothing short of amazing, and the book itself has one of the best covers we've seen in a long, long time.

Click Here to Check Out Lore of Aetherra!

- - -

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email!


- - -

I'm so excited to reveal this stretch goal, but I'm even more excited for tomorrow's update! We've been working tirelessly on tomorrow's reveal, and we really hope you like it :)

Until then, take care of each other, and see you very, very soon!



Stretch Goal Reached! Animated Spell Cards!
9 months ago – Sun, Mar 07, 2021 at 02:04:54 PM

Hello everyone!

I come to you again with fantastic news! Thanks to your support, Animated Spell Cards for Hexbound are happening!!! And that's not the only thing that's happening!

Say Hello to Dingo Doodles!

She does not need much introduction, though! Dingo will be contributing her talents to the card, animating one of the 10 spells in the animated spell cards for Hexbound! We could not be happier to have her working with us, and we'll be able to show more of these fantastic animations very, very soon!

Animated Spell Cards now as add-ons!

You can add the animated spell cards to your add-ons for the campaign! The add-on price for the animated spell cards is $12: just increase your pledge by that amount and presto, you get the animated spell cards! Although I'll let you in on a little secret and tell you that we are planning on adding one final stretch goal with them included, keep your eyes open!

Next Stretch Goal!

When one stretch goal is unlocked, another rises to replace it! We've listened to your messages, and we bring you what you asked! If we reach 250k, two additional witch subclasses will be added to the book AND to the Arcane Eye app!

And not only that, but YOU get to decide what these two are! Click Here to access a poll, and vote on two of the four classes you'd like to see get a witch subclass for Hexbound! After 3 days the poll will be closed and the two with the most votes will be unlocked when we reach the next milestone!

Click Here to Vote for the next subclasses!

Projects We Love!

Skies of Sordan Soars Again!

 Back from their first successful Kickstarter, Arcane minis is bringing you their Airship Campaigns book! With over 150 pages of powerful airships, campaign and battle rules, immersive artwork, cunning creatures, and more!

Click Here to Go to the Airship Campaigns Kickstarter Campaign!

- - -

Tournament of Pigs is a Zero-Level boxed set adventure. It includes a 100 page campaign book, standees, an arena battle board, and player aids.  Players will compete in the adventure for silver prizes and to ultimately be declared the winner of the tournament. But survival will mean making alliances with other players and working as a team to solve puzzles and defeat deadly scenarios.

Click Here to Go to the Tournament of Pigs Kickstarter Campaign!

Have Questions? Reach Out!

As always, you can direct all your questions to our incredibly talented Support Witches! Simply whisper an incantation in the center of your ritualistic space of choice, or send them an email! kickstarter@hitpointpress.com

 - - -

It makes me so happy to write this update, we have reached 200k and we are not even at the last third of our campaign! Let's see if we can reach the next one :) Thank you so much for your support, and see you very, very soon! There's still so much that we have to reveal for Hexbound!